WowWee CHiP the Robot Dog

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WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog is both friendly and intelligent. How you respond to the robot dog will shapes his own personality and behavior. All thanks to the use of smart accessories and advanced sensors.

Wowwee Chip The Interactive Pet Robot Dog

WowWee Chip the Robot Dog knows how to show affection. The robotic pet love to learn new tricks, play and shows lots of affections too.

When you pick up his front legs, he just love to dance with you. When you roll his ball, he will bring back to you. When you use your nose to rub against his nose, he will nuzzle right back.

Built with adaptive personality, CHiP’s character will change and grows over the days. Real time processing enable the robot dog to listen, see, speak and feel.

This is made possible by the artificial intelligence algorithms applied to date from a huge array of high tech senors built in.

WowWee the Robotic Pet Dog is like part of the family. It will learn more about you and his new home to have a greater bond like not other robot toys. What a cool gadget for the young and old too.

The lovable dog can be trainable, affectionate and loyal. He can obey, learn, recognize and really wants to be your new best friend ever.

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By the way, CHiP, which really stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet. Get hold of WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog the friend that kids love. More great discount on Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale this coming season.

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