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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar features a 9 easy to connect segments for your preschoolers to arrange and rearrange to teach the toy how to move. This amazing toy teaches kids ages 3 to 8 problem solving and sequencing.

Fisher Price Think Learn Code A Pillar
This caterpillar is now on a very important mission to teach your toddler coding. The unique toy comes with cool eight segments of which feature a unique command icon on its surface.

The 21st century is STEM. It impart skills like curiosity, problem-solving and experimentation in ways kids have yet to see.

Well, kids can configure the cool segments of the Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar so that it can reach targets they set up throughout the room.

Kids will finally discover that if they can plan out a cool path for Code-a-pillar. At the same time, put this pieces together in the right sequences so that enjoy it!

Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar is one of the latest learning toys from Fisher-Price that goes beyond 123s and ABCs. It will help little kids to learn on how to think independently.

Yes, kids are engaged in hands-on and open-ended discovery that helps them to become real lifelong learners with DKT39.

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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar toy programming involve is very basic. However, this basic skills help kids to understand more complex programming languages when they are older. Do visit us on Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sale too!

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