Teksta The Robotic Puppy

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Teksta The Robotic Puppy comes in blue and pink. Since 1990’s it has revamped and upgraded with many latest and cool features. Now, Teksta Mini Newborn Puppy and Teksta Electronic Moving Dinosaur Robotic T-Rex have arrived! This year, this top toys for Christmas will make your kids want it more! This, children best friend is smart, interactive and a great companion too.

Teksta The Robotic Puppy
Teksta is a 8 week old life like robotic puppy that responds to your voice, lights, sounds, actual physical motions and perhaps an app on your tablet device. Built having state-of-the-art manufactured learning ability selection, this puppy will whine, cry, bark and alter its observation behavior in such a way to tell you just how he is feeling too.

Teksta The Robotic Puppy has state-of-the-art sensors so that you can determine he is well fed, pet, played or spoken with. As our faithful partner, this young pup fall asleep if the sun sets along and wake up willing to see you once the bright day starts. In other words, this pup behaves similar to a true puppy.

10 Great Features of Teska

  • Petting recognition
  • Light and Sound recognition
  • Microphone, bark mode
  • Dance Mode
  • Auto Stop
  • Emotions
  • Magnetic Mouth
  • Infrared Technology
  • 4G and Wireless Technology
  • Blue and Pink Styles

Do your kids need extra time to play with someone while you are busy in doing house chores or attending for a short imporant things? Well, this little puppy could come to your rescue. It is safe, fun and enjoyable to play with.

Oh, remember to see the adorable pup do the little trick of flipping. It is so amazing and exciting to watch. Just a command from your kids and this robot dog will even listen and follow too.

Click Here For Teksta The Robotic Puppy

Teksta The Robotic Puppy will probably received one of the highest recommendation for Christmas toys this year. This smart and itelligent young robot dog loves both little boys and girls to play with. Whether blue or pink color, this adorable little pup is a must have. Be sure to check it out as soon as possible.

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