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Time to go bananas with Spin Master Zoomer Chimp! This robot monkey knows over 100 tricks and voice commands from this lifelike primate! He moves and balances like a real chimp. Swing into real party with Zoomer Chimp! You can even make him to follow you around with a little practice.

Spin Master Zoomer Chimp

A fun personality that expresses itself in a variety of unique can be found on Zoomer Chimp!

Zoomer Chimp is really full of life. The fun never stops with Zoomer Chimp! Robot monkey interactive features, can change his eye color, wild chimp sounds, move facial features.

You know how he feels, this robotic monkey has real facial expressions complete with light-up eyes.

It’s exciting that you’ll never be bored with a friend like Zoomer Chimp! The Progressive Play will ensures that Zoomer Chimp won’t continually respond in the same way or repeat himself.

Zoomer Chimp is really untamed fun! He’ll show you when you ask him how he feels. He has a pretty cheeky personality and even knows some awesome dance moves.

All thanks to True Balance Technology! Amaze in amazement as you watch Zoomer flip, chimp roll or move on all fours in real chimp style.

Just watch Zoomer Chimp carry out your commands, such as: ‘flip’, ‘stand’, ‘let’s dance’, ‘go bananas’ and ‘chimp talk’!

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As you continue to train and teach your Spin Master Zoomer Chimp, it unlock more words and phrases. Yes, Zoomer Chimp has been designed with Progressive Play! Great prices now. Need not wait for Black Friday Deal, Cyber Monday Sale or Christmas Day! Have a look on Love, Kitty, Chomplingz, Dino, Zuppies, Hedgiez and Meowzies too.

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