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The Radio Control Monster Truck toy is probably one of the biggest hit in boys. After all, who doesn’t want a truck that they can control? This particular item weighs as much as 5 pounds with dimensions of 15.8 by 9.2 by 8 inches.
Radio Control Monster Truck Big Foot
The Radio Control Monster Truck frequency usually varies. It could be 27 MHZ or 49 MHZ. This fully functioning Monster Truck comes with a left and right steering, allowing user to have as much fun with the toy as possible. It can also move forward and backward, allowing kids to control their toys from one place to another.

Of course, the Radio Control Monster Truck doesn’t automatically come fully formed. The great thing about this is that it is very easy to build up, allowing kids the additional fun of putting their Monster Truck together. Like most toys for kids, the product operates using two AA batteries.

Upon purchase, the item comes with one 9.6V NiCD rechargeable battery and a charger. Fully charging the battery takes about eight hours so be sure to plug in it upon purchase.

Made from durable materials, the Monster Truck is meant to last for a long time. Boys would have fun running this toy through obstacles, jumping it on ramps and cruising it inside the house during a rainy day.

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All in all, this innovative toy makes for an excellent gift for little boys – and maybe even little girls. The excellent controls not to mention stylish design ensures that boys wouldn’t get tired of the Radio Control Monster Truck for a long time to come.

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