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Paw Patrol-Paw Patroller is really fun…Toy cars are amongst the most preferred toys for any small boy. When you are searching for great gift idea for your nephews or boys, the Paw Patrol-Paw Patroller might be the best option.

Paw Patrol-Paw Patroller

This is the best rescue car and is ideal for ensuring that the team of Paw Patrol could get to new unusual adventure locations.

Your little gentleman will have a blast with the new Paw Patroller team that comes with a totally functional inside command center and a working elevator. Once you open the front cab, it can accommodate 4 Paw Patrol pups and 3 cars for transport.

If not moving, open the car to show 6 pups and their car. This rescue car has exciting patrol sounds once you push the key while bringing the crime fighting puppy friends to the hospital.

Product Features

  • It can hold up to 3 Paw Patrol cars.
  • Shows up to 6 cars when open
  • The working elevator could lift cars
  • Completely working or functional command center
  • Comes with landing pad
  • The cab opens to accommodate 4 pups into the driver’s seat.
  • It has sound effects.
  • Ryder and ATV are included


  • The Paw Patroller offers lots of benefits
  • The pups could ride up fort and the roof opens
  • 4 pups could sit in the driver’s seat.
  • This is very impressive, well made and sturdy.
  • This toy is also durable for 3 to 5 years old boy.
  • It has big enough play field to encourage many kids in cooperative play.
  • Assembly is not required and comes with batteries as well.


Despite the many benefits that this Paw Patroller 6024964 offers, it also comes with drawbacks. One client states that when he raised the lift of this toy car, the sticker already came off. This sticker is made of thick paper, virtually a thin cardboard which is annoying.

A few clients also stated that this toy is very expensive. However, this is maybe because of its features which are not available in other toy cars out there. Other than this, there are no other issues or concerns reported concerning this toy.

Click Here For Paw Patrol-Paw Patroller


All in all, the Paw Patroller by Paw Patrol is a perfect gift for your little gentleman especially if his dream is to become a rescuer someday. Have a check on your dream Christmas toy today…your Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday Deals might be earlier that expected.

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