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My Friend Freddy Bear is so cuddly… Everybody loves teddy bears because they are not just cuddly but a cute one that will certainly put a smile in your face every time you see their big eyes and chubby cheeks. If you are looking for a perfect birthday or holiday gift idea then My Friend Freddy teddy bear soft plush toy is perhaps the best choice.

My Friend Freddy Bear is a smart toy bear created by Vivid. This is not the usual teddy bear stuffed because it is a bear with the capability to know his owner very well due to the application that can be downloaded for Android or iOS. Once it is connected to such device, the child will surely be amazed with the capability of this interactive toy.

My Friend Freddy Bear


  • Compatible to Any Device – Whether you have an iOS or Android user, My Friend Freddy Bear is compatible with any of these devices.
  • Numerous Activities – This smart toy bear includes with several activities such as animals, colors, counting and a lot more.
  • Can Collect Any Information – The best thing about teddy bear is for the capability of this interactive toy to gather many types of information regarding the child as well as about their family.
  • Touch and Sound Interaction – If the bear is not connected with any device, he says cute phrases and giggles.
  • Very Durable – My Friend Freddy Bear is a very durable toy they can be tipped and even thrown.
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • If not connected with any device, this soft plush toy bear is still cuddly.


My Friend Freddy is indeed one of the most interactive toys for kids today. This is an incredible toy who will be your best pal. Aside from the chance for you to record personal messages that will make your child feel more comfortable and happy with teddy bear soft plush toy, it also giggles.

With the features offered by this smart toy bear, no wonder, it is indeed an incredible toy that is a great option for boys and girls.


It requires three AA batteries to operate the toy.

Product Reviews

When it comes to product reviews, My Friend Freddy Bear receives positive reviews from people who recently purchased the product. Moms and dads are happy with this smart toy soft plush toy bear because they have seen big improvement with their child’s development.

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My Friend Freddy Bear is indeed one of the perfect options if you are looking for a smart interactive soft plush toy bear that offers great features and benefits that will surely make the child feel more confident with their toy. Come, check us out on Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales soon.

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