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Moshi Monsters Talking Plush are now the in-demand stuff toys in Kids Toys. Moshi Monsters were actually inspired from the virtual game Moshi Monsters. This game is so popular to the kids that their creators decided to make them real with Moshi Monsters! Now, kids can now touch and cuddle their favorite Moshi Monsters all day long!

Monster Monster Talking Plush
Moshi Monsters Talking Plush actually have their only language that kids loved to hear when they are playing the Moshi Monsters game. Moshi Monsters do not only talk in their Moshi language, but they can also laugh and giggle when you squeeze their tummies!

When you buy these Moshi Monsters, you will also get a free secret code for your very own special in-game item. But, wait, there’s more! When you buy these cuddly monsters, you will get your own adoption certificate for them, which means that they are truly yours and they are for keeps!

There are six Moshi Monsters Talking Plush available in stores today! They have Furi, the orange, furry, strong and friendly Moshi; Katsuma, the fiery orange, tough, confident and loveable Moshi; Diavlo, who is a naughty and aggressive bat and he is in black and red color…

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Zommer, a blue colored zombie but is very loving as well; Luvli, who is a heart-shaped Moshi and is adoring fashion and loves to shop; and Poppet who is shy than the other Moshi monsters, yet is very cute in pink color and loves to dance. Kids from ages 4 to 12 will be very delighted to receive these Moshi monsters Talking Plush!

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