Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

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Little Live Pets Cleverkeet is a very lovable bird…There are kids who really love to play with cute little pet animals. The problem sometimes, however, is that not all children can do this for some valid reasons. For example, if a child has skin allergies, allowing him/her to play with some feathery pets may not be a good idea.

Another reason is that even though pets have somehow developed a tamed behavior, they are still animals. They may attack anyone, including the child who just wants to play with it the moment it felt threatened or has a bad temper. The good news is that children can still play with pets. Thanks to Little Live Pets Shop Cleverkeet. For you to know more about this product, read this review.

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Product Description

If you are looking for the clever bird in the toy animal pet shop, you have finally found with Cleverkeet. This is not your ordinary smart interactive toy display. Clever Keet now talks and sings! You and your kids can actually interact with it like a real pet bird.

This dream toy can respond different voices and is capable of learning new words. Sing a song or play music and you are sure to see how cute it is with the way it dances.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 8 x 24.6 inches
  • Weight (for shipment): 3.1 lbs.
  • Model no.: 28086
  • Origin: China
  • Batteries: AAA batteries (2 pieces), included


  • Interactive – If your kids fell in love with the Clever Keet toy display before, they will certainly love the Little Live Pets Cleverkeet all the more! Why not? It sings. It talks. It dances. It can play with them. This is something that will level up their fun.
  • Well-Constructed – If you are sick and tired of typical toy pet birds, which easily break after a few weeks, this new Cleverkeet friend of yours solves your problem. This product is smartly crafted. All components are combined very well to give you a highly durable pet bird.


Some customers would love Cleverkeet to have other bird friends. Perhaps, it is the only disadvantage that this product has. This smart interactive bird is alone. However, you child can be his friend, so why worry?

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The Little Live Pets Cleverkeet is definitely an amazing dream toy to shop for kids who love playing with smart pet birds. With its fun interactive features, your children will surely have the most enjoyable time with Clever Keet. Have you seen Lambie and Freddy? Great offer during Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals for you too.

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