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FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn is your girl’s dreams for a lovely pet is now here. Now the lovely young unicorn has come from her home of enchanted forest to become your baby girl’s best friend.

This is beautiful and interactive pet toy which responds to voice and touch making it absolutely adorable. Know what StarLily My Magical Unicorn’s treats for your kid in the following paragraphs.

FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

Product Specifications

  • StarLily, My Magical Unicorn is a product manufactured by FurReal Friends
  • The StarLily is a beautiful young unicorn which is the perfect pet friend for your friend
  • It is engaging and very much interactive
  • It responds very well when talked to and touched
  • It answers your girl with over a hundred of combinations of sound and motions
  • Your little girl can hug, pet and play interactively with StarLily
  • Your pet unicorn will hoof, makes combinations of special sounds and then moves her head as she lights up her horn
  • Amazing motion and sound combinations
  • StarLily’s horn lights changes its flashes in many different colors, her front legs move – to sit, stand and lie down,
  • She can move her ears every time she hears music
  • Magical Unicorn has a lot of fun, games and adventure ready to share with your girl as her best friend
  • With FurReal Friends Unicorn, your baby girl can have a wonderful and magical day every time


  • StarLily My Magical Unicorn offers you and your girl with wide range features
  • Over 100 motion and sound combinations
  • Horn flashes in different lights depending on her mood
  • Front legs moves – she can sit or stand and even lie down
  • Moves every time she hears music
  • Can be played using StarLily app
  • FurReal Friend’s StarLily Magical Unicorn can also be played with musical game
  • Crystal Caver or she can decorate pet StarLily’s home, the Wishing Tree.
  • She can visit the Sugar Orchard with StarLily or travel to the Rainbow falls and play in the water.


  • Many benefits awaits your baby girl
  • Interactive and engaging playtime
  • Sound and motion combinations plus music helps stimulate child’s mind
  • Good for practicing social skills of children
  • Nice plushie toy for kids
  • Life-like pet that welcomes your kid’s touch and affection
  • Very smart pet toy that helps children learn sounds, music and social skills
  • High quality and securely packaged


Of the several disadvantages of StarLily, the biggest would be that it is rather expensive perhaps due to the high quality that the product is made of. Some parents deem the sound noises that the pet Magical Unicorn makes to be rather annoying, although it is case-to-case basis. Another inconvenience is that it does the toy does not have voice control which can left it blaring at max.

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Overall, it is safe to say that FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn is very much is a safe and ideal gift for your baby girl. They are quite durable albeit a bit expensive but it is compensated with the great abilities that keep the child engaged and entertained.

These features essentially make StarLily Magical Unicorn highly recommended to get before Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales which might be too late.

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