Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

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Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo might be your kids dream toy this Christmas. Are you still looking for a good gift for your kinds which is both educational and fun to play with? Look no further than Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo from Fisher-Price. This will entertain your little ones and helps develop his mind too.

Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo

BeatBo the smart interactive robot toy is a very lovable animatronic pal which encourages little ones to get up and dance. It also teaches kids. Through pressing the colorful LD grid stomach or the keys on BeatBo’s feet, it will reward your little ones with learning content, fun songs as well as dance moved. It comes with three modes which grow with kids.

In Dance n Move from, Beat Bo’s nodding head, shaking hips and energetic music encourages little one to move around. Customized Sing-Along form lets the baby or mom record a word and Beat Bo will mash it up into his or her preferred song. In Learning and Game mode helps teach little ones color, alphabet and counting.

Product Features:

  • Huge, multi-color LED grid stomach
  • Three modes/ schemes grow with baby
  • The entertaining dancing act gets his head nodding and hips shaking.
  • You can activate this doll through pressing his stomach or any of the three buttons located on his feet.
  • Songs, phrases, music, lights as well as bright colors all aid stimulate the senses of your baby


The Dance & Move BeatBo motions and music encourage your little one to shake, move and dance, helping improve the motor skills of your kids. The dancing motions, colorful lights, music, lights as well as set of textures all help stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and sight of your baby.

The Bright Beats feature where it records and plays back a fuzzy version of what the baby said is extremely entertaining and funny. This also motivates little ones to talk. The smart robotic movements and combination of sounds and light really entertains kids. The price is extremely reasonable.


The only possible bad thing is perhaps the flashing lights. It can induce a seizure in kids who are epileptic and not detected yet. However, this is just a small complaint since it just affects very few people and parents must be with their kids while playing this interactive robot toy.

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All in all, the Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo is the best birthday present for your little one. This is not just fun and enjoyable. It is also very educational. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this smart robotic toys, just like the adorable CleverKeet, while available. If possible visit us on Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday Deals for the best prices.

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